Wuxi Double Horse Drilling Tools Co., Ltd
  GT彩票官网位于风景优美的江南水乡无锡市惠山经济开发区堰盛路19号。是一家专业生产非开挖钻杆、扩孔器、分动器和导向钻头等产品的现代化企业。公司占地约16600平方米,拥有专业技术人员30人,高级工程师3名。能够自主研发、生产不同规格、多种钢级、不同螺纹形式的非开挖钻杆、钻具。   公司是国内外为数不多的非开挖整体钻杆生产企业。公司拥有630T管端加厚线2条,管螺纹数控机床8台,国内领先非开挖热处理调质线1条。

  Wuxi Double Horse Drilling Tools Co., Ltd is located in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province about 2-hour drive from Shanghai port. The company is a full line manufacturer of drill tools for horizontal directional drilling.
  We have a highly dedicated workforce incorporating skilled first class engineers, labor staff and sales and service technicians, ensuring our leading role in machining research & development and after sales service.
  Double Horse drill pipe is manufactured as part of an integrated process of design, manufacturing, heat treatment and finishing. Our equipments are state of the art, including walking beam furnace heat treatment, two 630 tons upset forging machines, and eight CNC lathes, which enables us to maintain competitive position in national and global markets.
  Product quality is the highest priority at Double Horse. We have been equipped with MT & UT inspection and also set up the regular testing laboratory with hardness, tensile, impact testing equipments, which are all manufactured by Manufacturing Technology Inc. of the U.S., together with rigorous material traceability system to assure our quality in every step of process.
  Our products are widely used in global market. In recent years, we have expanded our market share in Russia, India, Australia, South East, and Middle East. With high quality performance, Double Horse gains the good corporate reputation.
  Double Horse is committed to continuous improvement of manufacturing processes and employee development to ensure that we deliver highest product quality and best technical support &service to our customers.

About DHDT
More then ten years
manufacturing experience in drill pipe
Located in hundred of kilometers economic
radiation circle around the center of Shanghai
Modern plant area more than
20000.00 square meters

Elite employee team more than 120 people
Products widely used in 45 countries
and regions in the world
Total assets of USD 22 million

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