Quality control
DHDT quality control team with faith of avoiding any defect/unacceptable product

DHDT with main equipments of MTS universal tensile testing machine, impact testing machine, metallographic microscope, different kinds of sclerometer, spectral composition analyzer, NDT machine by ultrasonic on site, Non destructive testing equipment by magnetic particle, single parameter measurement of screw thread etc. All of these equipments can satisfy DHDT inspection requirements.

DHDT quality control engineers make strictly random inspection for each batch of raw material preparing for next stage process.

DHDT quality control engineers make strictly inspection about total length and internal external shape and size of upsetting end during upsetting process.

DHDT探伤检验员拥有ASNT-TC-1A标准的UT2级、MT2级资质证书。他们对每根钻杆的接头部分都进行超声探伤。 DHDT检验人员对每一根钻杆都进行直线度校准与检测。将直线度控制在≤1mm/m。
DHDT quality control engineers well understand about drill pipes quality related with over heating during upsetting process. DHDT flaw detection engineers have certificates of level UT2 and MT2 for ASNT-TC-1A standard. Thread pin and box connection area of each drill pipe is checked by ultrasonic test. DHDT inspection engineers check straightness of each drill pipe and make aligning control it in the range of ≤1mm/m.

DHDT has one ultrasonic non destructive test line with 16 channels and thickness measurements. 800 pieces of drill pipes can be tested one day. Test range of outer diameter varies from 50mm to 168mm. Make sure that there is no defects in the drill pipe body.


DHDT has MTS universal mechanical testing machine of American industry system and cryostat. Impact test of drill pipes can be performed according to API-5DP specification.

DHDT quality control engineers have abundant experience about material metallographic structure identification. Strictly check structure of each batch. Its result is used for improving heat treatment process.


DHDT has MTS universal tensile testing machine of American industry system. Tensile test of drill pipes can be performed according to API-5DP specification.

DHDT quality control engineers make test for each parameter by single parameter measurement of screw thread.

DHDT CNC operators will inspect each work piece with thread gauge and recording data after finish processing screw thread.

DHDT严格按照API 5DP要求,建立了完整的可追溯性文件,并严格遵守该文件,采用标签、刻字、喷漆标识等多种标识方法,确保产品的可追溯性。每根钻杆可追溯到所有补充要求及PSL要求,管体和接头均可追溯到其相应的炉号。焊缝可追溯到焊缝的批号和力学性能测试结果及其它检验结果。

DHDT establishes complete and traceable documents according to API 5DP requirements and trace each piece of product according to it. Make sure that products can be traced by method of label, lettering and paint marking and so on. All complementary requirements and PSL requirements can be traced for each drill pipe. Pipe body and connecting thread can be traced to corresponding furnace number. Welded joint can be traced to batch number of welded joint, mechanical property and other testing results.

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